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    Jack's Profile

    Post by Jack Richter on Sun 11 Dec - 0:12

    Name: Jackson Richter

    First name: Jack

    Age: 24

    Race: Werewolf

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Rank: Night Guard

    Like: Photography, books, animals, being outside in the sun or rain, sitting in trees

    Dislike: Teasing about his condition, unnecessarily loud noises like yelling or blaring music, spicy foods, ghosts

    Temper: Jack is loyal to a fault to the manor, usually a quiet, reserved man that opens up easily to people give enough time. A generally light hearted person, he gives people the benefit of the doubt and listens well.

    Backround story: Jack was an amateur nature photographer trying to make his big break when he was attacked by a beast. After that, each day he stumbled around in the woods, alone and scared. Each night left him in a werewolf's body, running wild, until he awoke one morning on the grounds of the manor. He pleaded his case and they took him in, helping him come to terms and control. Now two years later, he works as a night guard keeping his new home safe.

    Appearance:  Standing at about 6'1", Jack is mostly skin and bones, a lithe figure with no body fat. His hair is an unkept mess of brown that hangs past his ears. His right arm and back are covered in scars from his attack, and on his left wrist is a tattoo of a snake biting its tail.

    Power?: Each night there's a moon out, Jack turns into a werewolf, standing roughly seven feet tall on his hind legs. His coat is the same color as his hair, his green eyes almost glowing at night. In this form, he maintains most control of himself, rarely entering a "feral" state. Under the new moon however, he stays a human.

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    Re: Jack's Profile

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    Welcome to the manor Smile

    I created your room there :

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