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    Ending of the first day (Izumi)

    Suzette Dechataigne

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    Ending of the first day (Izumi)

    Post by Suzette Dechataigne on Sun 11 Dec - 1:19

    It was late and the first day ended gently after the dinner. Suzette unpacked her things and gave a grimace when she looked at the walls, everything in this creepy manor was very very old. She sighed, everyone told her she just need time to get used of the place but the geek can't help the old building and its noises will gave her a arrest cardiac at every moment. The brown haired woman let out a loud sigh as she put some figurines of a games she like on a old furniture. The human already think she can maybe make the place more modern in the next weeks. Still she don't know how her grand parents did for live without technology there ! She was still stressed after the trip and else.

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