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    About the manor

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    About the manor

    Post by Suzette Dechataigne on Sat 10 Dec - 16:07

    The manor is located on a small island near Scotland, the island has belonged to the Dechataigne family for hundreds of years, as has the mansion. The building is haunted by monsters as well with evil spirits, this place is very dangerous for ordinary mortals.

    The staff of this mansion is composed only of men, bi or straight. The grandparents of Suzette Dechataigne hire them to protect the place, after their death it is their little daughter Suzette who inherited the place.

    The staff of the mansion is not just human, some creatures have come to take refuge here to hide from the rest of the world and have a place to live.

    This place is reputed the area the most haunted after the famous forest in Japan.

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