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    Rules of the forum

    Post by Suzette Dechataigne on Sat 10 Dec - 16:11

    - The RP should be in the 3rd person, only thanks.

    - You are not allowed to move or kill the Oc of someone else, even a rival

    - It's a 18+ Rp with ero, of course alot of smut

    - No limit, if you want you can play more than one character

    - I'm looking for doing this rp on the longterm only, so we can play the rp on skype

    - Only men can join the RP

    - Don't argue with the others member or staff with the forum, harassment are forbidden.

    - You will be ban if you publish things against the law

    - Straight and Bi characters only Smile

    - Only adult characters, no teenagers allowed

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