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    The arrival of the mistress

    Suzette Dechataigne

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    The arrival of the mistress

    Post by Suzette Dechataigne on Sat 10 Dec - 22:58

    (Everyone can participate ^^)

    Suzette arrived with a taxi, she looked out the car window but saw nothing apart a gloomy landscape, rainy, it was a morbid place. Well, the night worsened the ambience, and what about the rain ? She wondered how her grandparents could live their lifetime in such a place? Now they was dead and all that will be her new house. Suzette, 28, was shivering with cold and fear, it was not a very courageous woman...

    The driver finally stopped the vehicle after a long travel on the countryside, that had her seem like an eternity. The French-scotish woman played with her short brown hair. She was so nervous, for tell the truth this house was an opportunity for her, without this inheritance, she would eventually become homeless, her parents were not a model of kindness, they was not like her grandparents. She had never seen them often, they lived their life as hermit living in the mountains in Scotland. All she knew of them they do not like her parents, Suzette's parents hoped have the inheritance because the grands parents were rich. She did not know why she had inherited this manor ? She remember they liked her as their daughter and the woman liked them as her parents.

    Suzette watched with some concern the landscape, not daring to open the door of the car. The driver did not move, he did not come to help her decide to go down or even show an ounce of compassion, he was cold, very talkative.

    * I'm sure ... this place is creepy and don't have internet ...* she thought with a sigh before open the car door and go outside

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