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    Suzette Dechataigne

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    Suzette Dechataigne

    Post by Suzette Dechataigne on Sat 10 Dec - 20:07

    A little word about yourself:

    About your Oc/Character(s)

    Name: Dechataigne

    First name: Suzette

    Age: 23

    Race: Human

    Sexuality: Straight or Bi ?

    Rank: Mistress

    Like: Play video games, read mangas, watch horror movies, geek things

    Dislike: Scary event, rude people, spinach, being obliged to play the cute girl

    Suzette is a kind and friendly woman but she can have a very short temper when someone make fun of her or her phobias. The woman have some geek passions who make her a geek and otaku. The female have alot of phobias (night terror, etc...) and is a chicken, she can even be scared of her own shadow. She is not a tyrant with her staff and even have trouble to take her rank seriously. Suzette can look timid or reserved at the first gaze but once she feel good around someone she is someone playful liking doing prank on others and tease them. She hide also a huge pervert side and is a tiger in bed, be careful...

    Backround story:

    Power?: See spirits, summon spirits

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