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    Izumi's Profile:

    Post by Izumi on Sat 10 Dec - 21:19

    About Izumi Satoi

    Name: Izumi Satoi

    First name: Izumi

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Sexuality:  Bi

    Rank: Maid

    Likes: Music / Toys / Being with friends / Drawing / Reading / Sweets / Calming Aromas

    Dislike: Aggressive people / Heavy-physical labor / Scary Movies / Being Alone / Sour Foods

    Calm / None

    Backround story: At ninteen years old, he has a slightly less-than-average height of about 5'4", though he has a rather feminine physique, sometimes being mistaken for a girl; especially when his job has him dressing up in a maid's uniform. He's rather klutzy when it comes to working, often making small mistakes, though thankfully it's overlooked. Izumi has a more gullible and carefree personality, able to make friends with almost anyone which helps him make friends with the other workers of the manor. He's more than willing to help others in need, sometimes even giving his daily earnings to a homeless man he passes on the way home from work. Sometimes he needs his friends to help make sure he doesn't get too carried away, but all-in-all he's a genuinely kind and caring boy~

    Power?: N/A
    Suzette Dechataigne

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    Re: Izumi's Profile:

    Post by Suzette Dechataigne on Sat 10 Dec - 21:49

    You are welcome in the manor dear Izumi, please do not hesitate if you have a request or questions.

    Your bedroom is there -

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